Methodology & Qualifications (Service Delivery)

Our Methodology: Project-based

Typically, Companies may be described overall in the following manner from a Business Management standpoint:

Even if we are excellent researchers and speakers, we are not "armchair" advisors - instead, we go together with our clients in their transformation journeys with a collaborative, facilitative yet rigorous work style, so that the solutions and designs are brought into their real, day-to-day practice.

Consistently with our Values and in order to tackle the above, in full or in its respective parts, our methodology is based on top quality Project Management and Execution and related Generation of Deliverables for our clients, with a "closed" price or Fees specific to each Project extensible as needed, by which we realize the solutions our clients need in a tangible, results-oriented way.

We can adopt both Agile / Scrum approaches, or more classic Project management ones; sometimes we also work on a rate per hour or per day, on a more "ongoing" basis or on speaking/mentoring assignments.

Emphasis on one specific Project Phase (ie more on Analysis/Diagnosis vs. more on Solution design, Implementation or Deployment, for example), or comprehensively on all Project Phases, depends on the client need:

  • Internal data sources and documents
  • External information, databases and benchmarks
  • Interviews and workshops

  • Quantitative / financial / statistical
  • Qualitative / written / verbal
  • Other studies
  • Facts, findings and diagnostics

  • Overall Solutions’ Architecture / Recommendations
  • Quick wins / prototypes / minimum viable products
  • Design of full Solutions
  • Action Plans
  • New processes, procedures and responsibilities
  • IT configuration and adoption
  • New documents and forms
  • Communication, Training, Change Management
  • Possible Co-Investment

  • Measurement of success
  • Verification of day-to-day use
  • Support in internal and external audits
  • Identification of future improvements

We deliver these Project Phases and our services in general with nimblead-hoc teams created for the specific Client requirements, able to swiftly react and adjust under changing priorities.

Content areas of our work, Deliverables, and pricing of our services

Content areas or types of Projects we deal with, directly or with our exclusive network of allied specialists, are the ones from our five different Service linesManagement & Digital AdvisoryInvestments & Business PlansReward, Board Affairs and Executive RemunerationOrganizational Design & ProcessesPeople Skills, Agile Leadership & Change, and Other Professional Services.

For example:

Generation of a Business and Financial Plan

Integration of two organizations in an M&A process

Pros and cons and alternatives' evaluation of a new technological tool

Creation of a technology roadmap (AI, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain, etc.)

Help a startup scale organizationally and operationally

Restructuring a Sales Force, or a set of Plants / Factories

Launch a new country / division / distribution channel

Create a new set and cascade-down process of KPIs / Performance Management

Evaluate / Assess an Engineering team

Facilitating Top Executive meetings / visioning sessions

Set up Salary systems, Incentives / Bonuses, Stock-based Pay

Deliverables or Products of those content areas typically are:

Benchmark, Analysis, Diagnosis and/or Solution Design Reports

Action and Work Plans

Actual Transformation of Business/Support Areas' Processes

Applications and technologies selected/created and fully into production

Organizational Redesigns made effective

Investments/M&As/Divestments made

Strategies Effectively Executed (overall Business or specific functions')

Workshops facilitated / Projects successfully finished

Teams integrated and working differently

We normally work under a pre-agreed "closed" specific Project price (Fees)sometimes we are asked to cooperate on a more 'ongoing' basis or on speaking/mentoring assignments, charging a specific rate per hour or day, or more rarely, even via a fair percentage / return on a deal or transaction.  

Our lean internal structure allows us to operate with efficient fees / revenues for our interventions, usually with Project / Retainer fees, but also with other ‘win-win’ propositions, reasonable cost per hour / day, etc.  

In this regard, as opposed to other consultants, we never overcharge our clients unfairly or make them bear our own structural/"heavy team" costs or expenses.

How it works in practice

If the need essentially requires to find a previously undefined solution to a business, technology or organizational challenge, this may imply on our part :

  • Rigorous external / internal research, analysis and presentation of insights.
  • Running of structured Visioning and Facilitation workshops, or direct recommendation of a solution by ourselves.
  • Co-creation with the client of a full, specific Action Plan to actually create and/or implement such solution - or direct Action Plan generation by us.

Or, if the challenge is to make a pre-defined decision, plan or change effective, be it implementing a business unit strategy, a transformation of a salesforce process, an app development or roll-out, a technology integration of an acquired company, a new work dynamics of a team, etc. :

  • We set up the right internal/external Solution Design and/or Solution Implementation specialist or operational teams for you, with or without adding resources of our own.
  • We effectively lead / help co-lead those teams during the allocated Project period.
  • We ensure the specialists achieve the adequate milestones and results within expected quality, time and budget, and that the business / organizational improvement happens to everyone's satisfaction.

Specific examples of our Projects and interventions can be seen in our Client Stories.


Our Professional Qualifications and Diplomas

Always trying to offer the most modern solutions and ideas to our Clients, our professionals have different tertiary education diplomas, degrees and certifications, or are instructors at top institutions themselves.  

All of this represents our expertise and qualifications in our different areas of operation, fully allowing us to execute our professional interventions with exacting standards.

Please find below a mention to some of the Executive / Posgraduate Education Diplomas and Certificates you can find in our teams, or institutions we have closely worked with / deliver professional education at.

If you wish to hear some more or are curious about our methodologies, diplomas, qualifications, etc., just kindly send us your comments - we will be happy to share information without further requirement.

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