Client Stories - types of Companies we operate with, and our added value

We have in-depth expertise in a wide range of companies and business models internationally (multi-industry knowledge) -  we have operated or advised on practically all major industries and business sectors. See "Recent Business Cases" below for specific examples.

This all-encompassing work includes stages from startup all the way to longstanding corporations, ownership types including founder / VC companies, PE-backed and family businesses, and listed companies both with small and large capitalizations - as long as those companies are internationally-minded, or already operating on a multi-country basis.

Please find below some of the companies we have been recently working with - blue chip / leading companies and also smaller enterprises in many countries

As you may see in our Recent Business Cases further down as well, we pride ourselves on achieving utmost Client satisfaction and tangible results.

Recent Business Cases
Details provided on request)

We analyzed the Annual Reports of the main world direct competitors and the internal company situation (Strategy, Financials, Remuneration) - and based on quantified best practices, we showed possible new individual Objectives and a Compensation framework and levels, as a team and individually

 COMPANY METRICS AND INCENTIVE REDESIGN FOR MEDICAL DOCTORS - A Healthcare & Medical tests' multinational company outsourcing execution
We analyzed the business model and practices across geographies and identified ways to economically incentivize the Doctors, towards improving production, diagnosis quality and engagement. 

DISTRIBUTED LEDGERS AND BLOCKCHAIN TRAINING - A 20+ bankers and corporate treasurers' group (on behalf of a startup)
We prepared and delivered on-site training for non-specialists, in a comprehensible yet rigorous way, bridging the gap between business and technology languages with clarity and precision.  Our performance was highly praised by attendees !

ORGANIZATION & REWARDS - A full service Tax & Legal Firm with 200+ lawyers integrated into a global US network serving international clients
We reviewed the complete business plans, growth expectations and tax and legal areas, and redesigned its 25+ Partners' levelling factors, Remuneration structure and "units", including the Chairman and CEO.


STRATEGY, BUSINESS PLAN AND FINANCIALS - A Middle-East conglomerate intending to develop a Global Commodities’ Trading corporation
We created a Strategic Plan and detailed focus insights (operation, M&As/JVs, investment decisions) - conclusions approved by the Group CEO and Business Plan ready to go, including plans on corporate transactions.


BOARD AFFAIRS, OBJECTIVES AND LONG TERM INCENTIVES - A local mid-sized energy distributor seeking a long-term value for both its top management and its private equity owners
We generated a new objectives’ scorecard for the CEO, combining pure financial returns with necessary expenditure on investments and other targets – and created a new Long Term Incentive program. Achievement of BOTH Strategic Plan and Investor ROI Expectations was boosted up to 90%+.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRUCTURE AND STOCK OPTIONS - An international mid-sized Asset Management Firm planning to partially relocate into Switzerland
We analyzed and gave concrete advice on the economics of the executive team relocation, together with specific additional tax, organizational and legal aspects.  Shortened international moves' period vs. initial expectations by months; identified significant labor / personnel cost and tax / legal savings.

ORGANIZATION, DESIGN, IT CAREERS AND EXECUTIVE REWARD - An IT / Defense / Consulting market-listed Company intending to restructure and reclassify their top and middle executive teams 
We provided a new, more objective executive classification framework to accommodate expected growth / restructuring in multiple industries and geographies. Shortened timing of international moves; improved alignment of the Executives with Compensation ranges; increased employee satisfaction with organizational design

FINANCIAL ANALYSIS AND SHARE-BASED PAYMENTS - A Continental Europe 10+ billion €, family-owned retail giant evaluating paying executives with shares

We provided guidelines for financial company valuation, provided benchmarks, and designed a performance-shares payment scheme.  Paved the way towards attainment of the Strategic Plan challenges; helped improve the Treasury Shares, Cash Flow and Debt reduction target definition.

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