Use of Cookies Policy 

This page aims to describe our use of cookies, third party scripts, possible advertising insertions or tags that may be active into our property websites. When you visit our websites, we may use those for analyzing our web performance, generating content personalization and offering you adverts and/or other custom-made information.

Permitted external companies and/or individuals may lay cookies into your browser to collect information such as device ID, browser and IP address being used, for them to support us with insights on your interactions with our property websites. Through their use of cookies, third party scripts, possible advertising insertions or tags, technology companies and direct and indirect ad providers and advertisers, may obtain data on your visits and navigation, which can be used to present you with personalized own- or third-party information or advertisements, and gauge your interaction or lack thereof with those. Ourselves or permitted third parties may as well identify you as part of some key interest group (Strategy, Pharma, Traders, HR, etc.), to offer you, within our property websites or across other websites, even more relevant information and advertising.

In case you disagree with our use of cookies, third party scripts, possible advertising insertions or tags explained above, you can be notified about, disable, delete and / accept any or all of those by using your corresponding browser or computer / mobile phone / tablet / device options, or if by a third party, connecting to their own websites (or one-stop related technology / advertising associations for the purpose), and following the appropriate instructions and specifications on cookie and similar tools’ management. Some, or all, of our websites’ functionality may not be available after such actions.

ZA reserves the right to change this Policy at any time without further notice; such changes will be posted on the corresponding property websites as they happen. Any questions, interpretations, conflict or damages deriving from this Use of Cookies Policy, or its changes, will be subject to the laws, regulations, jurisdiction and courts of the canton of Zurich, Switzerland, and simply by accessing to or using any of our property websites, the user accept this Swiss jurisdiction and conditions in their entirety, and explicitly renounces any other local, regional or global law or regulation, administrative or judicial court or jurisdiction, including those in the EU, USA, Canada, Asia-Pacific or any other.

Notwithstanding the above, ZA’s legal representatives will, within reasonable dedication and resources, support in the resolution of any issue, as needed. Queries in relation to this Use of Cookies Policy can be directed to, who will answer as soon as possible; otherwise, you can also check our Legal Disclaimers & Information and our Data Privacy for further legal information.