Zereon Associates

Zereon Associates GmbH is a global, boutique-type professional services Firm which delivers from Zurich (Switzerland) a complete portfolio of specialized business management, digital and investment consulting services for its Business Clients.

Please find below the list of the different, top-notch quality services we deliver across our 5 Business Lines, denoting the comprehensive yet specialized range of capabilities we offer in diverse fields such as strategy, technology, processes, organizational design and people management - for corporations and scale-up firms alike.

Within our very specific Reward, Board Affairs and Equity-based Pay Consultancy service line, we have highly specialized training in Executive Remuneration.  Also, we are trusted, official Partners and GRP ® certification providers for the WorldatWork Association, the world's leading organization in that very unique field, as well as the Fair Pay Innovation Lab certifying entity. 

Management & Digital Advisory

Business Strategies
Digital Transformation
Technology Selection
Transformation Roadmaps

Investments & Business Plans

Investments’ Advisory
Direct Investments & Trading
Business Plans’ Construction
KPIs, OKRs & Objectives

Reward, Board Affairs and Executive Remuneration 

Rewards Consultancy and Training
Board Structure & Committees
Good Corporate Governance
Executive Remuneration and Equity-based Pay

+ WorldatWork Association Training, Affiliation and Activities

Organizational Design & Processes 

Group and BU Organization
International Operations Structure
Processes’ Redesign
Roles & Job Structures 

People Skills, Agile Leadership & Change 

People Skills Development
Agile Leadership & Teams
Careers, Succession & Branding
Change Management 

Additionally, together with other trusted, top quality selected specialized partners, we also provide Other Professional Services - such as Fund Raising & Deals, Tax & Legal Advisory, Supply Chain & Operations Improvement, Advanced IT & Apps Development, and Assessment & Coaching.  This is always done under Zereon Associates' supervision and complete quality assurance.

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