Management & Digital Advisory

Services: Business Strategies, Digital Transformation, Technology Selection and Transformation Roadmaps.

  • In the last few years, we all have been witnesses to radical changes on how organizations are led, transformed and grow. 

  • How do we deal business-wise with the pandemics? Investing in new online sale channels? Going more international and local at the same time?  How to go truly Digital? Is that AI, IoT, 5G, Data Analytics, robotics? What product lines should we keep? How do we produce and sell in the new scenarios?.

  • Plenty of companies are asking themselves questions like these all over the planet. Clearly, answers are not unique and depend on each organization – even in the same industry. 

  • We help Companies identify the right paths and make excellent business model and tech decisions. To do so, we facilitate company workshops / teams and deploy a variety of tools, classic ones (world-class Market Researches, Porter’s 5 forces, Core Competencies, etc.), and modern (Lean Canvas. Design Thinking, Agile, etc.).  

  • This includes technology evaluation - from AWS to Raspberry Pi, from Kubernetes to Ethereum, from Convolutional Neural Networks to Node.js, from Hadoop / NoSQL DBs to SaaS and Platforms - for sure we can establish a relevant dialogue for your advantage.

  • We place special emphasis in applied ideas from the most advanced markets / thought leaders - Digital Transformation from MIT-Sloan and Emeritus Institute (Massachusetts / Singapore), Venture Capital from Silicon Valley (Berkeley), etc. - sensitively applied with a regional / local twist to your needs.  

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