Reward, Board Affairs and Equity-based Pay

Services: Rewards Consultancy & Training, Board Structure & Committees, Good Corporate Governance, Stock-based Pay and Executive Remuneration.

  • Few topics have had the controversy and the importance of Good Corporate Governance in recent times. Universally considered key for businesses and organizations of all kinds, and subject to scrutiny of funds, proxy advisors, private equity firms, regulators and general public alike, the configuration and interactions of Boards vs. Shareholder structures and vs. the CEO and Management teams, are complex topics that also offer great potential to effectively creating winning organizations

  • How should our Board(s) be composed of, and how should it/they work? What should the relation to the Property structure / Shareholders be? And with the Company Management? Is our Board being effective?  And – is it properly evaluated, recognized and rewarded in terms of dedication and contribution? Do we have the right Board Committees and the right profiles?.

  • What about our CEO and Management Team itself? Are they competitively and fairly compensated? Do we use Equity-based wisely? Does Executive Pay recognize true long term value, objectives’ achievement, ESG targets? What about our employees - do we have the right Reward packages? The right short- and long-term incentives? How do we measure up against Reward markets?.

  • Questions like those have a very large impact on how business is done, and require the right technical, "selected few" expertise to be answered effectively.

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