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Down below we refer to the GRP ®, GCIP and our other courses' content - first with a broader perspective, then into more detail :

1) GRP ® Certification Courses (Syllabus)


The 10 GRP ® modular Courses and Exams (certification syllabus) are:



Total Rewards Management


Quantitative Principles in Compensation Management

Job Analysis, Documentation and Evaluation

Market Pricing — Conducting a Competitive Pay Analysis


Base Pay Administration and Pay for Performance

Variable Pay — Improving Performance with Variable Pay

International Remuneration — An Overview of Global Rewards


Business Acumen for Compensation Professionals

International Financial Reporting Standards for Comp. Professionals

Strategic Communication in Total Rewards

The GRP ® has 10 courses and 10 exams to be passed in total to achieve certification.  All exams are multiple-choice.  

Each individual course is 12 effective hours + breaks + exam (live online version), usually taking three afternoons (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday); and 13 hours + breaks + exam (two days, Thursday and Friday) for the onsite/presential version. 

Self-study online option (e-learning with videos) can be done at leisure during 120 calendar days of permitted online course access.  

In any case, each course can be taken separately, in different formats and in no particular order, according to specific practitioner needs.  Exam time is to be freely scheduled for each exam in all cases (up to 120 calendar days after course and exam registration).

2) GCIP and Other Courses


Currently, we have the following on offer :

The Global Compensation Immersion Program (20.0 effective hours, five afternoons) 

This is an intensive course on Reward for HR/Business Line practitioners expanding into Global Remuneration responsibilities, or people new to the Rewards profession internationally.  It offers a comprehensive and very complete foundation in concepts and trends in the field of Compensation for global application. 

The GCIP Includes key topics such as reward strategies and compensating multi-national workforces, documenting and evaluating/grading jobs internationally, design and administration of salary structures/base pay, variable pay and pay for performance, compensating global assignees, etc. – getting learners that cannot wait, up to full speed in global and regional Rewards quickly and efficiently.

Navigating Multinational Sales Compensation (6.0 effective hours, two afternoons) 

This course prepares the learner to understand, articulate, and effectively deploy Salesforce Rewards across various countries and world regions.  It explores how salesforce compensation may vary based on influences of industry, geography, commercial environment as well as organizational and talent management needs.

Geographic Pay Strategies (3.5 effective hours, one afternoon)

 This course is for the professional who has mastered the core elements of compensation (strategy, design, evaluation, administration) and is now looking to enhance these elements across dispersed geographies, global organizations and complex Remote Work/Work from Anywhere realities.

GRP ®, GCIP and Other Courses: Further Detail

Courses and certifications are delivered in a virtual classroom online accessible from anywhere, or in a presential classroom from/in the DACH region (Zurich, Switzerland), in easy-to-follow English language (presential delivery depends on coronavirus restrictions).

Instructors are senior certified professionals with deep Rewards / Mobility expertise in international companies, with ample communication skills and experience in Continental Europe and the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria).  We are proud to consistently get praise as top experts and instructors by our attendees.

Delivery is done 1) live and interactively online (virtual classroom initiated with a Zoom link)2) face-to-face in Zurich (actual classroom), with all Covid-19 / post Covid measures in placeor 3) with a self-paced, self-study e-learning subscription (no live instructor in this case; just supported by a 1 h. personal Q&A session).

Advantage of alternatives (1) and (2) is direct interaction with instructor and peers and best practice exchange; alternative 3) offers no instructor / peer contact in exchange for more freedom to take the course on your own at leisure, anywhere, during the allowed time (120 calendar days).

In all cases, the participants receive access to an online platform where they can download the course materials, see what courses and exams were taken as needed, and with an internal link to a special website, schedule and then take required exams online.

Some Participants just decide to take one or two courses of their particular interest, or the GCIP, for development and learning, and not go directly for certification - but the majority of Participants indeed go on to pursue the full GRP ® certification as a worldwide trademark of excellence in the profession and for career purposes and aspirations.

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