In this section we share a summary of relevant internal and external news of interest to our clients, business partners and general public.

Speaking on New Organizational Models in Atlanta, US

➡️ Very happy to share that we are featured as speakers at WorldatWork 's #ACE22 (Annual Conference and Exhibition) in Atlanta ! 👌

✅ We will comment on new organizational models, starting from the evolution of #organizationaldesign and thought leadership on it, to commenting what is happening in the context of the #digitaltransformation in companies - with many examples large and small and hopefully good ideas😃

👉 This an extremely vibrant event, with delegates from all over the world sharing experiences, networking and getting inspired. The conference is considered by many as THE event of reference in the #totalrewards space worldwide, and one of the major ones in Human Capital management 🌎🌍🌏

International Executive and Employee Remuneration

➡️ Great GRP® certification sessions (in person in Zurich !) with Yenni Pham and Carina Schuermann from Julius BaerKatalin Jakobsen from PwC Monika Wójcik from Takeda , Eliane Villani , Linda Diener from Georg Fischer and Alexander Zerkowitz from Raiffeisen Bank International AG ! 👌

✅ Apart from preparing for the certification exam, during the session we had lively debates ranging from #jobgrading to #benefitsstrategy , from #salarysurvey topics to #variablepay , from #equitycompensation to #socialsecurity - in the context of international #tax , #legal ,  #intercultural , #talentmanagement and #futureofwork  considerations. We heard from the attendees that they left the training feeling inspired and with fresh ideas to take back into their companies !

Delivering a global, exclusive training in Rewards with WorldatWork

▶️ Appointed as one of the instructors of this very special, intensive global #development program in #totalrewards by WorldatWork , for attendees of multinational organizations well into true #internationalbusiness 🌎🌍🌏!

👉 The program will have recognized world-class experts such as Sandrine Bardot , Susana Marcos , Maureen Hovy , Irfan Duraiz CIPD, GRP/CCPAlan Gibbons GRP® , Pat Gurren, GRP, CCP , Rony Klayany , Enad Abu Naser, Assoc. CIPD, GRP and Dipankar Sharma, CSCP - and humbly, Mario Ceron 😃

✅ Thank you Wendy Proudfoot , Michael McCallum, SHRM-SCP and rest of WatW for the initiative 🔝.

Appointed as mentors with F10, the world-class Fintech accelerator

We have been honored to join as mentors for the F10 Incubator & Accelerator in Switzerland, and now also in Spain !  

We hope we'll be able to contribute a little to the success of fintechs in the country - and of the specific mentees 👐Now we see a moment in which the FS industry is maturing its startup proposals - and from Zereon Associates we'll try to help serious, robust ones thrive, or who knows, maybe grow the next unicorns !  

Thank you Gerrit Sindermann, Joelle Stocker and Isabella Sevilla for the honor and great opportunity

Presenting on Rewards, Covid-19 and the Future of Work for Shell

➡️ We recently delivered a nice presentation to the global #HR and #totalrewards practitioners at Shell ✨👍🏼 It is not just about restructuring - the most advanced companies are getting ready for the Future of Work.

✅ We can only thank Michal Siolo and the rest of the Shell team for the beautiful opportunity, proving that Zereon Associates can generate thought pieces at the quality level of any of the much larger advisory Firms.  Interested in having a look 👍🏼?.  Click here.

Being selected by Delega as advisor on organizational and team development

A new win for Zereon Associates !  In words of Riccardo Balsamo, CEO of Delega, "we will be leveraging Zereon Associates's experience on organizational growth matters such as capability development and incentive/rewards for our current and future team
s".  We'll be working closely with himself, Elena Gambia, CFO, and the rest of the Delega team in business and organizational scale-up related matters.

Delega is a new Treasury management system and integrated tool that addresses the well known issue of signatory rights' management for corporations, taking the pain out and enabling administration of such rights across multiple banks.

Speaking in the US on international Sales forces challenges and rewards

Honored and humbled to share that we have been accepted as speakers for the WorldatWork International Salesforce & Compensation Congress in Chicago US in August 2020 😃. One of the few Europeans to do so.

We are excited and so looking forward to taking part in this great event !  We cannot help but be utterly grateful to World at Work for the opportunity. Obviously, during these times we will include Covid-19 impact in our discussions. Contact us for further info on our Salesforce services !

Examining Blockchain with delighted bankers and corporate treasurers

Event organized by a rising startup company for its potential clients, we delivered an overview on Distributed Ledger Technologies and Blockchain to 20+ international executives, based mostly but not exclusively on our MIT-Emeritus materials, plus own research and knowledge of use cases.

In non-technical but rigorous terms for demanding professionals, we made concepts understandable and what is more - operational. The audience applauded our intervention spontaneously, for which we felt honored. Further work is happening as a consequence.

If you are interested to know more on our training and digital help capability, let us know !

A great win with the Partners of a 200+ lawyers' international Tax & Legal Firm

Really happy to share that Zereon Associates has been retained to develop Organizational levelling and clarity, and Executive Remuneration / "units" system, for its 30+ Partners (the Firm's top management, including its Chairman & CEO).

Covering most legal profession, with lawyers in Chambers directory and others), the project entails a thorough understanding of 1) the forces affecting the modern legal profession, 2) the current and expected market and client situation, 3) the intended growth areas and related financials, 4) the internal team, resources and capabilities to support in this journey and 5) obviously, the necessary technical designs.

In general, technology / professional services Firms need new ways to attract, retain and motivate their professionals. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to comment further!

Certified in MIT technologies for our Clients' business improvement

Happy to share that our CEO Mario Ceron personally completed this MIT advanced training on Digital Transformation technologies, with a perfect score - 100/100 no less (top of the promotion worldwide) - to be put at our Clients' service

A tour-de-force on MetaMask, Etherscan, Remix, Kubernetes, Node.js, Chrome/Firefox capabilities, Shodan, GitHub, AWS, Serverless functions, TensorFlow, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us here at Zereon Associates if you really want to know what the new technologies can offer, especially at the top management / board level, beyond obscure jargon so prevalent in the market these days.

Workshop facilitated at Nestlé's global HQ !!

We could not feel prouder and more honored than having been hosted by Nestlé at the global HQ in Vevey to deliver a training and discuss international business and remuneration schemes 👍🏼 - Nestlé rocks indeed !! And not just for the free Nespressos, Henniez water, etc 😃
Thank you Eveline Franceschi-Kuhn and Laurène Rega for having Mario Ceron around, and thank you also Glynnis Gillespie, Wendy Proudfoot and the rest of the US WorldatWork team for your trust in us. 

For sure, sooner or later, any stage of company internationalization will need to be sustained by adequate Reward schemes. There are ways to do it in the right way to help the business succeed 👍🏼 !!

Zereon Associates is back from the summer in earnest!

After the summer break, in which we were busy indeed but were also able to recharge batteries, we have been lucky to start to a quite strong end of the year !  For example, we have won a great assignment to assist the thirty+ Partners of a Tax & Legal Firm, which covers all major areas of the legal profession, in designing their Remuneration & units' scheme and improve Governance, in the context of expected organic and acquisitions' growth and integration within a major worldwide legal network.

On our investments side, we will be taking a direct stake and interest in a gourmet food product distribution business.  From the trade perspective, we are setting up an operation to export some soft commodities into developing countries. And several potential clients and collaborators have spontaneously contacted us to explore new possibilities !  Do kindly contact us for further information.

A new qualification in our Team for our Clients' advantage

After some efforts, objective achieved ! Digital Transformation certification by MIT-Emeritus obtained by our Managing Partner & CEO Mario Ceron - Score 99/100, top 98% of the worldwide cohort.

Nothing would have been possible without the help of teammates Luuk Jacobs, Briana Preminger, Tom Roethlisberger and Frank Dickob in the UK, Israel and Switzerland. Thank you to MIT Emeritus's Deborah Soule and Dimitris Kourepis for so kindly lead the course, and to Professor Geoff Parker for the insights !! And all the cohorts who shared ideas.

Messages: 1) Multisided platforms can easily beat narrow products / pipeline-based value chains. 2) Simply going SaaS / ‘new products’ is not enough. 3) Fancy tech has to be sustained by a solid business rationale and governance.  Contact us if you want to know more !