Management & Digital Advisory

Services: Business Strategies, Digital Transformation, Technology Selection and Transformation Roadmaps.

  • In the last few years, we all have been witnesses to radical changes on how organizations are led, transformed and grow. 

  • How do we invest in new online sale channels? Go more international and expand geographically?  How to go truly Digital - is that AI, IoT, 5G, Data Analytics, robotics? What product lines should we keep? How do we produce and sell in the new scenarios?.

  • Plenty of companies are asking themselves questions like these all over the planet. Clearly, answers are not unique and depend on each organization – even within the same industry. 

  • We help Companies identify the right paths and make excellent business model and tech decisions. To do so, we facilitate company workshops / teams and deploy a variety of tools, classic ones (world-class Market Researches, Porter’s 5 forces, Core Competencies, etc.), and modern (Lean Canvas. Design Thinking, Agile, etc.).  

  • This includes technology evaluation - from AWS to Raspberry Pi, from Kubernetes to Ethereum, from Convolutional Neural Networks to Node.js, from Hadoop / NoSQL DBs to SaaS and Platforms - for sure we can establish a relevant dialogue for your advantage.

  • We place special emphasis in applied ideas from the most advanced markets / thought leaders - Digital Transformation from MIT-Sloan and Emeritus Institute (Massachusetts / Singapore), Venture Capital from Silicon Valley (Berkeley), etc. - sensitively applied with a regional / local twist to your needs.  

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