Organizational Design & Processes

Services: Group and BU Organization, International Operations Structure, Processes’ Redesign, and Roles & Job Structures.

  • Once the strategic priorities and plans have been identified, the financials have been established, and the needed Governance and Executive Remuneration are in place at the highest decision levels, action needs to take place

  • Companies frequently ask themselves: Are we organized in the right way geographically, functionally and/or divisionally? And in the near future? Do we have the right number and type of people ? Will the priorities be implemented across organizational layers? Are our internal departments and processes fit for purpose, efficient, external- or internal-client oriented?  Do we have 'silos' ? The right workforce planning in a restructuring, carve-out, M&A scenario ?

  • Also - do people fully know their responsibilitieswhere they fit into broader pictures? How can we become more flexible for Digital Transformation ? Are we ready / can we scale up for international growth, new products, new channels, new customers? For Lean / Agile internal processes and more ‘horizontal’ work?.  Can we do reduced work, virtual work, work from home - in an effective and motivational way ?

  • All of those questions mean that organizational design and internal processes become center of attention sooner or later - and they require the type of expert analysis and architecture that Zereon Associates can provide.

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