Legal Terms and Conditions

Scope and applicable jurisdiction

The present Legal Terms and Conditions affect the WorldatWork courses and membership offered by Zereon Associates GmbH, and are applicable to any person, company, legal entity or group of people that have submitted an online Order Form to us (see Prices and Booking).  Such submittal implies that you fully accept all of these Terms and Conditions exclusive of other terms, and registrations cannot take place unless we have your explicit acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Jurisdiction to solve differences or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions will be the ordinary courts and tribunals of the canton of Zurich in Switzerland, and all interested parties hereby renounce any other jurisdiction that might have been applicable.

Courses and Membership Registration

Upon sending us your Order Form (at Prices and Booking), you will receive further details.  WorldatWork will send you directly an email link to the Course Platform (website), an email with your Membership data fill-in process to get your WatW affiliation number, and/or a Zoom link to an online course before it starts, if you are to take one of those. 

In the Course Platform you will create and have your own personal account to access your course materials and information, grades, etc.; inside you will also have a link to a separate website to schedule and take exams. 

Regarding your Membership, you can connect to the WorldatWork website once you get your ID to access directories, studies, databases, events and all the other advantages of your WatW affiliation. 

And in addition to all of the above, if you are taking an online course, you will also be sent a specific Zoom link to connect to the live virtual classroom where your online course takes place as per the scheduled times.  

So depending on your choices, you will be able to download course materials, schedule exams and, if a member, enjoy all the other WatW contents, member directories, announcements, event information, thought pieces and studies overall.  This, in addition to the online classes, and the extra local Swiss / Continental Europe community contacts, expertise, course delivery and networking possibilities provided by Zereon Associates.

We will remain at your disposal for community support, troubleshooting in case of platform malfunction, connection issues, course or membership-related queries and in general any question or issue you may have.

Courses and Membership Fees

The applicable fees and prices will be the ones displayed at the Prices and Booking section of this website, unless special corporate agreements and conditions apply.  Please kindly note that such prices can be subject to change without prior notice, according to demand or other factors (Covid-19 or other).  Prices applicable will be the ones shown at the time a formal order is made from us via the Order Form located at Prices and Booking - and as long as payment has been made effective. 

Swiss 7.7% VAT (MwSt) will be added to the prices as per standard Swiss law and regulations (often, it will not be applicable for purchases made from out of Switzerland). 

Payment will be made via bank account transfer or direct deposit (bank data to be sent to future affiliates / participants; bank fees if any will have to be borne by the client), within a maximum of TWO calendar weeks before the course starts; very exceptionally, ONE calendar week could be accepted in highly justified cases.  We might accept very late registrations and their payment on a selective case-by-case basis in truly exceptional and urgent situations, until two work days immediately before each course starts (it will be the participants' responsibility to access course materials on time).  Membership can be paid right at order time only. 

Please kindly note that, if paid from a legal entity, the global WorldatWork certifications, exam activation, courses, events and memberships CANNOT be subject to standard provider conditions and payment periods.

In any case, bookings will never be fully confirmed until reception of the money proceeds by Zereon Associates GmbH, and course entry and / or membership registration can be refused at Zereon Associates's sole discretion, on top of other possible measures, if payment is not made effective by the course start date.  Cancellation fees apply (see below) and they will have to be borne by the client.

Zereon Associates Gmbh reserves the right to exercise debt recovery rights and apply monetary penalties in case of non-payment and/or payment delays, as permitted by Swiss law regulations.  Expenses to pursue such actions will be borne by the participant.

Course Changes by Zereon Associates (modification, cancellation, etc.)

Zereon Associates GmbH keeps the right to change any aspect of the course or courses without prior notice, including but not restricted to pricing, format, location, instructors, platform to be used, etc., as long as such change does not directly contravene WorldatWork's content, intellectual property and other contractual conditions. Current course information can be found in GRP ® Content and Delivery and in GRP ® Course Calendar.

Zereon Associates will not be held responsible whatsoever for any damage or loss connected with cancellation or format, venue or date change of the courses and/or membership, including but not restricted to possible missed meetings or business appointments, travel and accommodation costs, and the like.

Notwithstanding the above, in the case of an already booked and paid course, Zereon Associates will always try to propose a best alternative for the clients' convenience by postponing dates, suggesting a course alternative, or tendering a credit note for the corresponding value, with Terms and Conditions being kept to any transferred bookings.  Cash refunds, with no penalty in these cases, will be only applicable under "force majeure" or as a last resort, if the specific client so needs and requests with a strong reason.

Course Changes by Participants (modification, cancellation, etc.)

A course date change or substitution of person in attendance can be made by course participants in writing via email to with a minimum of THREE calendar weeks before the course starts.  Zereon Associates will always try to propose a best alternative for the clients' convenience by postponing dates, suggesting a course alternative, or tendering a credit note for the corresponding value, valid for a posterior course.

A course change (date or person substitution) requested by the participant can be done freely once with a minimum notice of THREE calendar weeks, subject to availability in the new course and with the same conditions as the original course (unless it is of a different nature or price).  If this notice period is not respected, or the changes take place more than once, an extra administration charge of CHF 150.- per course attendance modified will be charged each time.

Cash refunds in the case of full cancellation (of courses that have already been paid), are permitted, but they will be applicable only before the minimum THREE week period, and an administration charge of 20% of the course fee will be deducted. Cancellation requests done in less than three weeks cannot be refunded at all (but can be subject to another course attendance, as per conditions above).

For a full cancellation of courses that have not been paid (but formally ordered via the online form), and if the client does not accept another course or offer made by Zereon Associates, a cancellation fee (administration charge) of CHF 150.- per course and person cancelled will be charged.

Any admin charges and/or the notice period, though, will be waived if "force majeure" or very exceptional cases of a personal nature happen (disability, death, critical accident or misfortune, passing away of a close family member, and the like), in which course date / person change or refunds will be done in full at no extra cost.

Client Data Storage, Use and Deployment

Zereon Associates GmbH will store and deploy your data for technical, course and membership management, marketing, operational, commercial and client service purposes, which may include sharing your information with WorldatWork or third parties and/or reaching out to you to present information or offerings of your possible interest.  All of that will be done in full accordance to, and within the boundaries of, Swiss data protection and data privacy laws and all applicable regulations in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland, including data security, transfer and privacy restrictions.  For more information, read also this website's section on Data Privacy.

In order to exercise your rights of access, storage, transfer, modification or cancellation of your data, as per Swiss data protection regulations, or in general for any data protection-or privacy-related query, kindly contact us at

Final Provisions

Zereon Associates GmbH cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages to you, the course venues / platforms, WorldatWork and/or third parties in situations in which it has  committed no act of negligence, contract breach, or ill criminal or civil will, action or intent.  Had we resulted to be liable to you for some reason, our responsibility will be limited only, and up to, the amount of course and membership fees previously received from you.

The information provided by the courses cannot and should not substitute ZA’s direct professional assessment of any given specific business, HR or Reward situation or choice of any kind.  No overall success, profitability, liquidity, solvency or risk of any past HR, Reward, commercial, operational, financing and/or investment operation or transaction done or commented upon by ZA or the instructors during the courses, should be construed as advice, recommendation or guarantee of any kind for the future, and views expressed by course instructors and participants will remain their own only.

Zereon Associates can change the present Terms and Conditions without further notice; however, the ones in force at the time a registration happened, will continue to be valid afterward for that registration.

If you wish to see more legal terms and conditions related to the overall Zereon Associates GmbH operations, you can also refer to Legal Disclaimers & Information.