Prices and Booking

Please find below the list of prices 2024 for the WorldatWork GRP ® and CSCP ® certifications and other courses, as well as membership fees.  Down below, also the 1-minute Order Form for your booking (to be used also if you wish to join our non-WatW Executive Remuneration training).

Kindly remember that WorldatWork membership allows you to save already from the very first course you take, on top of all the other advantages of affiliation.

If you or a team member takes the full GRP ® certification with us, the last course is for free.  

Also, with our already competitive prices, we offer you further savings the more courses you take and the more people from your company that join over (i.e. referral fees for you AND them); we also have advantageous corporate agreements to develop and certify full teams (contact us for more information).

GRP ® Certification


Executive, CEO and Board Remuneration - WorldatWork / Non-WorldatWork

CSCP ® Certification (Sales Compensation & Incentives), and Other Courses


WorldatWork Membership Fees


These prices are applicable to Zereon Associates GmbH courses and membership only.

Please kindly note that, if paid from a legal entity, the global WorldatWork certifications, exam activation, courses, events and memberships CANNOT be subject to any particular company provider conditions or payment periods - they are always to be paid before the service / course / membership takes place.

FORM OF PAYMENT. Payment will be made effective via bank account transfer (bank data to be sent to potential participants; bank fees if any will have to be borne by the client) - within a maximum of TWO calendar weeks before the course starts; very exceptionally, ONE calendar week could be accepted in highly justified cases.

* VERY LATE REGISTRATION. We might accept it and its payment on a selective case-by-case basis in truly exceptional and urgent situations, until two work days immediately before each course starts (it will be the participants' responsibility to access course materials on time).  Membership can be paid right at ordering time only.

* PAYMENT EFFECTIVENESS. Booking will never be fully confirmed until reception of the money proceeds by Zereon Associates, and course entry and / or membership registration can be refused at Zereon Associates's sole discretion, on top of other possible measures, if payment is not made effective by the course start date.  Cancellation fees apply and will have to be borne by the client.

* OTHER CONDITIONS AND CHANGES. Modification, cancellation, non-payment / payment delays and other provisions apply in all cases (see Legal Terms and Conditions).

PRICE CHANGES. The prices above can be subject to change without prior notice, according to demand or other factors (Covid-19 or others).  Prices applicable will be the ones published above at the time a formal order is made from us via Order Form below - and as long as payment has been made effective. 



We will be happy to accept your course, exam and/or membership booking hereinunder (check Courses' Calendar as needed to see what dates are available).  

Join today a great international community of Total Rewards affiliated and certified professionals, and boost your career credentials with us !

(Legal Terms and Conditions)