People Skills, Agile Leadership & Change

Services: People Skills Development, Agile Leadership & Teams, Careers, Succession & Branding, Change Management.

  • No matter how brilliant a business idea is - without the proper persons and teams into place, things will not happen.  Do we have the right set of knowledge, skill and abilities in-house to make out plans a reality? If we don't, shall we develop those, or hire / acquire outside? At what cost? Can we make our people and our teams more agile, quicker to respond to the market, more efficient?

  • And - how do we create true 21st Century leaders and high performing teams? Do our internal career paths contribute to the business success? How do we attract, retain and motivate the 'best and brightest'? Are we able to manage internal and external changes and transformations? Do we have adequate employer branding?

  • Zereon Associates provides answers to the above questions both from a "People Operations" perspective and also from a more "classic" HR Management approach, with the help of people management tools and technologies most adequate to our Clients' needs.  Lean Canvas, Kanban boards, facilitation techniques and assessment tests are only a few possibilities.

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