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  • Few topics have had the controversy and the importance of Good Corporate Governance, and related to that, Executive and Employee Remuneration, in recent times.

  • Universally considered key for businesses and organizations of all kinds, and subject to the scrutiny of investors and funds, proxy advisors, private equity firms, regulators and the general public, the configuration and interactions of Shareholders, Boards and Committees vs. CEOs and Management teams, and how they are rewarded accordingly in that context, are complex topics that also offer great potential to effectively creating winning organizations.

  • At the same time, attraction, retention and motivation of executives and employees with the right tangible and "intangible" Remuneration schemes is a topic of concern for most organizations, if only because workforce expense / investment is typically a very large part of any company's operating budget, and simultaneously a powerful management tool to obtain desired results and behaviors.

  • We address all of those challenges both in our consulting services, interventions and training as requested, with the aim of elevating the Executive and Broader Employees' Remuneration and Governance practices of companies - and their teams. Thus, we are able to answer, and help solve, many of our Clients' needs in those fields.

  • How should our Board(s) be composed of, and how should it/they work? What should the relation to the Property structure / Shareholders be? And with the Company Management? Is our Board being effective?  And – is it properly evaluated, recognized and rewarded in terms of dedication and contribution? Do we have the right Board Committees and the right profiles?.

  • What about our CEO and Management Team ? Are they competitively and fairly compensated? Do we use Equity-based wisely? Does Executive Pay recognize true long term value, objectives’ achievement, digital transformation, ESG targets? And our employees - do we have the right Reward packages locally and globally? The right Salary structures and review processes ? Short- and long-term incentives? Pension Plans and Benefits ? How do we measure up against Reward markets?.

  • Questions like those have a very large impact on how business is done, and require the right technical, "selected few" expertise to be answered effectively.

Executive, CEO and Board Remuneration Training

Open enrollment course 2024: April 3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th (live online 13:00-17:30  GMT+1, Swiss/German time)

Aimed at Remuneration, Finance, Tax & Legal, Investing or Actuarial professionals with direct interest in Executive Remuneration and more than 5 years of experience, and delivered in 5 intense afternoons (20h. in total). 

We are placing this special, advanced senior training amongst the best Executive Remuneration education program choices in all of Europe.  Content is as follows:



Introduction to Executive Remuneration

Overall Regulatory Environments

Corporate Governance, Investors, Boards and Committees

Performance Measures, Company Valuations and Financials - I


Performance Measures, Company Valuations and Financials - II

Executive, CEO and Board Remuneration Strategy, Policy and Pay Mix

Executive Role Levelling, Market and Peers, Fixed Compensation

Executive Short-Term Variable Pay for Executives - Considerations, Design, Metrics, Scales

Long Term Compensation and Stock-based Pay - Types, Definitions, Cash vs. Equity


Long Term Compensation and Stock-based Pay - Time Structure, Metrics, Scales, Coverage, Operation

Pensions and Executive Benefits - Types, Design, Vehicles and Conditions, Funding

Contract Types and Clauses - Overall Contract Types; Non-Compete, Malus / Clawback and Other Clauses


Contract Types and Clauses - Notice Periods, Parachutes and Terminations

Non-Executive Director Compensation

Accounting and Remuneration Program Valuation

Personal and Corporate Taxation - I


Personal and Corporate Taxation - II

Securities and Company Law, Annual Reports and Disclosures

Program T&C and Documentation

Stakeholder Management and Administration of the Programs

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(Disclaimer: Whilst this course is NOT from WorldatWork in itself, it might serve as a possible basis to help individuals better prepare for WatW's CECP ® certification (Certified Executive Compensation Professional) exam - if so voluntarily and freely chosen by the participant and with no guarantees, given that there are no specific materials to prepare for that exam. The following considerations apply:

1) The CECP ® from WorldatWork is a competency-based exam - there are no “official” materials to take it at the moment and therefore extra personal preparation work on top of experience in the field is needed by any potential certification candidate,

2) the course is NOT specifically aimed at preparing for that certification; we can provide guidance coaching separately, though,

3) the CECP ® has significant US-focused components in its exam - very concrete SEC disclosure questions, US taxation, US law, etc.; even if there are similarities in spirit vs. what is done in most European jurisdictions, tax and legal details are largely different and many exam questions are US-specific,

4) obtaining the CECP ® certification is a great professional achievement in itself, but requires seniority, experience and detailed knowledge of US regulation and taxes, the multiple-choice exam being 2.5-3.0h. in duration with a highly US-specific technical content.)


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