Data Privacy Policy


Zereon Associates GmbH, any of its affiliates, and / or their individual members (collectively, “ZA”), fully commit themselves to respect and protect your personal data and privacy in relation to our property websites 1) under the legal terms and conditions and the specifications set in this Data Privacy Policy, which describes how we collect, manage and delete data, and 2) with the deployment of adequate means, including support from secure, well-reputed website and IT providers.

By accessing and/or using our property websites and possible inserted third-party content, you are fully agreeing to this Policy’s terms and conditions. Please refrain from using any of our websites if in disagreement.

Gathering of Data

Our websites can automatically collect information such as device ID, browser being used, IP address, etc., directly or with third-party technology or advertisement-related companies, regarding your navigation to, from or inside those websites, in order to obtain insights, improve your experience and provide you with relevant ads and information (please see our Use of Cookies Policy). 

In addition, users of our websites may be required to provide personal and/or professional information, such as first and last name, company, job held, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, other information volunteered (such as data for a survey), and payment and / or invoicing data (credit card number, bank account number and name, billing address, etc.), for professional use and analysis by ZA and information exchange with our users or among themselves, under the corresponding legal terms.

Reasons for Data Use

ZA and supporting companies may deploy our users’ personal, professional and navigation data for reasons such as:

  1. Website and IT administration and maintenance, including hardware and infrastructure, software, middleware and cybersecurity, to ensure quality, accessibility, reliability and security of our sites.
  2. Obtaining insights on our users to offer better  own- or third-party products and services and improve our general and specific value propositions to them.
  3. Communicating changes to our websites, products or services offered therein and / or sharing news on overall market situation, promotions or commercial or operational opportunities.
  4. Exchanging or delivering intellectual content, products or services to our actual or potential users, processing orders, invoices or payments, and / or answering user queries.

Third-Party Sharing

Apart from ZA’s direct use of data, we also may share information with third parties, so that they can help us run our property websites, obtain insights, and offer you advertisement or information of your interest. Such third parties may offer banners, tags, links or insertions to other websites not under our control, so that by clicking on them you accept that you may be subject to their own Data Privacy, Cookie and Legal policies, which may or may not coincide with ZA’s, thus making ZA fully exempt from any formal or material disagreement you may have with those third parties.

In any event, we will not share your personal data if you exercise your rights in the proper, applicable legal way to prevent such action, unless in cases of:

  • Court or administrative orders and related activity, under the terms specified by the corresponding body and applicable regulation as stated in this Policy.
  • Investigation / prevention / defense against possible legal claims against ZA; violation of our or our users’ Policies, people or property; strategic, operational, reputational, solvency, liquidity, credit or bankruptcy risk; commercial, civil or penal fraud; money laundering or terror / organized crime financing; any kind of felonies or crimes; and similar situations.

If ZA is merged, acquired or otherwise losses control by its main shareholders, such shareholders cannot be held directly or indirectly responsible whatsoever for the misuse of your information after such event takes place, which will be announced at that moment anyway for users’ awareness and, if so desired, exercise of corresponding data privacy rights in relation to the new situation. 

Access to Data, Rectification, Retention and Cancellation

ZA’s property websites’ users can access, rectify or cancel their data in accordance to the websites’ applicable laws and regulations as stated in this Policy, thus allowing the possibility to exercise any legal rights.  Otherwise, we keep data indefinitely provided that is business-relevant for us or you do not explicitly request its modification or cancellation.

In order to exercise your rights, under the laws and regulations stated in this Policy (please see Final Provisions below), kindly contact us at

Final provisions

ZA reserves the right to change this Policy at any time without further notice; such changes will be posted on the corresponding property websites as they happen. Any questions, interpretations, conflict or damages deriving from this Data Privacy Policy, or its changes, will be subject to the laws, regulations, jurisdiction and courts of the Kanton of Zurich, Switzerland, and simply by accessing to or using any of our property websites, the user accept this Swiss jurisdiction and conditions in their entirety, and explicitly renounces any other local, regional or global law or regulation, administrative or judicial court or jurisdiction, including those in the EU, USA, Canada, Asia-Pacific or any other.

Notwithstanding the above, ZA’s legal representatives will, within reasonable dedication and resources, support in the resolution of any issue, as needed. Queries in relation to this Data Privacy Policy can be directed to, who will answer as soon as possible; otherwise, you can also check our Legal Disclaimers & Information and our Use of Cookies Policy for further legal information.