Other Professional Services

Together with trusted, topmost quality selected Partners with whom we have strong relationships, Zereon Associates also can offer the following specialist professional services for our Clients' success. You may want also to check Our Alliances to see some of the Partners we work with.

--- Fund Raising, Negotiation & Deals ---

 On top of offering advisory on Investments, we can help our Clients structure, negotiate and have us mediate in Capital raising, Financing rounds and  Corporate Transactions - M&A, divestitures, Series A/B/C, Debt agreements, asset / token issuance, Private Equity financing, ICO / IPO, etc.

 --- Tax & Legal Advisory ---

We have at our disposal excellent lawyers and economists specialized in International and Local Company, Mercantile, Commerce & Trade, Accountancy, Labor and other Law, as well as Swiss and International Taxation, so that our Clients can have the right calculations, documents and contracts in place to implement their initiatives.

--- Supply Chain & Operations Improvement ---

Often, changing processes implies changing shop floor operations, production lines and physical facilities.  We have experts in engineering able to support you with blueprints, installations, production operation and lines, quality and maintenance, storage and logistics, purchasing, suppliers, etc., so that your operations are run at full productivity and efficiency.

--- Advanced IT & Apps Development ---

These days, few improvements do not consider technological change.  We have San Francisco Bay-level software and infrastructure engineers to support you with the best IT solution for your business, ranging from IT architecture design, cloud or in-house systems implementations, to AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, programming and apps' development, etc.

--- Assessment and Coaching ---

If your need implies identifying and nurturing the true potential of critical groups / people within your Company, we can offer you adequate behavioral, capacity and attitudinal tests and tools , and the possibility to generate person- or team-specific skill development programmes and / or coaching with certified professionals.

All of these services are delivered under Zereon Associates' direct intervention and contingency clauses, aiming towards perfect Client satisfaction and quality assurance.

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