Legal Disclaimers & Information


Zereon Associates GmbH, any of its affiliates, and / or their individual members (collectively, “ZA”), fully commit themselves to comply with the Legal Disclaimers & Information referred below. By accessing and/or using our property websites and possible inserted third-party content or linking our websites’ content to yours in any manner, you are also fully agreeing to all the provisions contained in these Legal Disclaimers & Information. Please refrain from using any of our websites if in disagreement.

ZA’s Websites General Disclaimer

Throughout its company websites, ZA attempts to provide analysis, ideas, products, services, business opportunities and insights, adverts, trade & commercial contents and the like referred to Management and Digital Advisory, Investments and a number of other business- and technology-related fields that may be of interest to its actual and potential clients or the different domestic / regional / international business communities, industries, agencies and organizations as a whole.

However, even if ZA tries its best to provide and curate quality, accurate, updated, legally- and ethically-valid and non-misleading information in its property websites, in accordance to top professional practice and its own stated Company Values, user- and third party-originated data may be subject to different criteria and therefore their providers will bear sole responsibility for presenting any information that may lead to flawed decision making by our websites’ actual and potential users or any other organization or individual.

Likewise, the information provided by ZA’s websites, regardless of whether it is fully available for connection or content, or not, at all times, and unless in the context of a formally signed project, advisory or investment agreement, cannot and should not substitute a ZA’s specific, professional assessment of any given business situation or choice; nor overall success, profitability, liquidity, solvency or risk of any past commercial, financing and/or investment operation or transaction done or commented upon by ZA, should be construed as advice, recommendation or guarantee of any kind for the future.

Thus, ZA cannot and will not be held responsible, in part or in full, for decision-making based mainly on its property websites’ navigation and check of content, without a formal agreement in writing with ZA. Users and third parties, by accessing and/or using the websites, agree to hold ZA harmless from and against any and all claims of liability, losses, damages and costs, including attorneys' fees, coming from such website navigation and content check without a prior formal agreement in writing. 

ZA’s Websites Intellectual Property Definition and Protection

Definition of the Websites’ Intellectual Property

ZA property or licensed (if any) websites are fully protected by intellectual property and competition laws and regulations - please see “Final provisions” below in this document for applicable jurisdiction and legislation. All content existing on the sites, public or not, including text, images, user interfaces, logos, videos, applications, software at any level, etc., and the design, functioning and spatial, technological and conceptual configuration of such items, are the full property of ZA and are protected by laws and regulations, without hindrance of ZA’s corresponding agreements with web hosting and IT providers for the upkeep and operation of such property, and the participation of external parties in the websites within the boundaries explained in other parts of this Legal Disclaimers & Information document.

Protection of the Websites’ Intellectual Property

Unless expressly authorized by ZA in writing or allowed elsewhere in this document in the corresponding terms (please consult information in other Sections below), and under applicable law (please see “Final Provisions” below for jurisdictional considerations):

  • Users and any third parties can print or download information for personal, non-commercial or scholarly purposes only, always respecting copyrights and trademarks.
  • Sale, rent or license, in part or in full, of any websites’ contents, products, services and ads, or copy, publication, reproduction, translation, edition, or any other works derived from the ZA sites, is prohibited.
  • Retrieval of information from ZA websites to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a full data collection, database or companies / persons’ directory, based on ZA websites data, is also forbidden.
  • Users and any third parties (except authorized ZA’s IT providers) may not have access to, derive, obtain, modify or use the source code of any software in the websites, or reverse-engineer, disassemble, copy, translate or otherwise attempt to manipulate such software.
  • In general, users and third parties’ behaviors are to be bound by any fair competition clauses and conditions with respect to ZA and its websites.

ZA reserves the right to take legal action under infringement of the points above. Otherwise, any intellectual property or competition regulation issue or comment can be consulted with ZA at

User and/or Third-Party Postings and Uploads

Users or third parties can publish or distribute advertising, promotions, subscription, commercial or financial offers, products and services to ZA website actual and potential users, or otherwise conduct any business, if formally agreed in writing with ZA, regardless of whether any of those are with payment or for free. 

In any case, ZA cannot have ownership of any content or material provided to or uploaded onto ZA property websites by users or third-parties, nor will be held liable against applicable legislation, and their publication will not imply any endorsement of external contents or site, or acceptance of any kind of business offer or commercial term by ZA - unless a written formal agreement with ZA is in place.

Posting or otherwise submitting information means the user or third-party owns or otherwise controls all the rights to do so, and that a non-exclusive, unlimited, free right and license is irrevocably ceded to ZA to study, display, publish and use that information in any format, for the sake of ZA businesses – always under legal constraints and conditions as stated in this Legal Disclaimers & Information document or as otherwise formally agreed with ZA. In this regard, ZA will be allowed to fully control and analyze any information sent over or published in the websites by users and third-parties, keeping all discretion to refuse to post, edit and/or remove data, and to deploy the information in full for legal purposes and requests and its business purposes.

Users or third parties may never publish or distribute any postings, uploads or information inside ZA property websites (including software), or post inbound links and tags from sites and sources, which are legally or ethically doubtful, based on ‘hate speech’, disrespectful, discriminatory, vulgar, threatening or similar, or which contains errors, viruses, ‘malware’ or other harmful components. ZA reserves the right to edit and remove contents and take legal action in those cases. 

User and Third-Party Links

Our websites can have external insertions, tags, links, etc. to other websites, but ZA cannot and will not be held liable for any content or material available or implied, or lack thereof, in those external sites – user- or third-party interaction, transactions and/or content provision there, unless explicitly explained and agreed in writing with ZA, is not ZA business.  In this regard, we strongly recommend your checking the corresponding external site Legal, Data Privacy and Cookie use terms and conditions.

Within ZA property websites, users and third-parties may establish outbound hypertext links and tags (banners and other type of insertions will be allowed by ZA on a case-by-case basis), as long as it is understood that they are fully relevant to ZA websites content and such links do not imply any kind of acceptance or endorsement of the external contents and possible business offers or site itself by ZA, unless formally signed by both parties.  

In any event, use of copyrighted materials, trademarks, logos and the like users or third parties do not own or control inside ZA websites, is prohibited without ZA’s and owner / controller of such property consent. Outbound links or materials that are legally or ethically doubtful, based on ‘hate speech’, disrespectful, discriminatory, vulgar, threatening or similar, or that contain errors, viruses, ‘malware’ or other harmful components, will never be allowed, with ZA reserving the right to edit and remove contents and take legal action in those cases.

Accordingly, users and third-parties may refer our websites into user- or third-party ones if relevant to our contents, via inbound hyperlinks and tags, always citing the ZA source and again never implying acceptance or endorsement of external contents, possible business offers or site itself by ZA unless formally signed by both parties.  ZA reserves anyway the right to decline or cancel such links and tags, at its discretion. Again, inbound links or materials coming from sites or sources that are legally or ethically doubtful, based on ‘hate speech’, disrespectful, discriminatory, vulgar, threatening or similar, or that contain errors, viruses, ‘malware’ or other harmful components, will never be allowed, with ZA reserving the right to edit and remove contents and take legal action. 

Website IT operation, Cybersecurity, and Use of Bots

ZA will, to the extent that is possible, try to ensure a smooth functioning of its property websites, including quality navigation, connectivity, stability, availability, user-friendliness, adequate hosting, performance, upgrades and updates, scalability, storage of information, data protection, disaster-recovery, and user support.

Any cyberattacks, unauthorized hacking and cracking, IT piracy, spamming, fake identity generation, password stealing, service denials and any other similar acts against ZA websites and their users, will be tried to be dealt with timely, effectively and efficiently, with ZA deploying the necessary legal, IT and business means to prevent and thwart those attacks and take appropriate action against the aggressors, internal or external. Users and third parties, except ZA’s IT providers under the corresponding contract, or themselves under the corresponding authorizations and authentications, are strictly not allowed to access any websites’ user data except their own under the corresponding conditions (see Data Privacy), software parts or functionality, networks, infrastructure, servers, databases, libraries, products, services or applications, scan vulnerabilities or otherwise breach any website security specification.

Unless formally agreed with ZA in writing, users and third parties are prohibited from using any robots, crawlers or other equivalent automated or manual data retrieval tools or processes being deployed to extract, deep-link or index data that may affect negatively ZA websites’ positioning in any external search, reputational, referral or recommendation sites, lists or rankings; obtain non-public information to send, post or insert unsolicited or unauthorized material into ZA; or alter in any manner the smooth functioning of the ZA websites themselves. If the ZA websites contain bot / crawler exclusion files or headers, users and third parties  will have to respect those and refrain from using any device, app or means to bypass them; ZA may take appropriate measures in case of non-compliance.

Final provisions

ZA reserves the right to change all or part of these Legal Disclaimers & Information without further notice; such changes will be posted on the corresponding property websites as they happen. Any questions, interpretations, conflict or damages deriving from these Legal Disclaimers & Information, or their changes, will be subject to the laws, regulations, jurisdiction and courts of the Kanton of Zurich, Switzerland, and simply by accessing to or using any of our property websites, the user accept this Swiss jurisdiction and conditions in their entirety, and explicitly renounces any other local, regional or global law or regulation, administrative or judicial court or jurisdiction, including those in the EU, USA, Canada, Asia-Pacific or any other.

Notwithstanding the above, ZA’s legal representatives will, within reasonable dedication and resources, support in the resolution of any issue, as needed. Queries in relation to this Legal Disclaimers & Information document can be directed to, who will answer as soon as possible; otherwise, you can also check our Use of Cookies Policy and our Data Privacy for further legal information.