Investments & Business Plans

Services: Investments’ Advisory, Direct Investments by Zereon Associates itself, Business Plans’ Construction, and KPI, OKR & Objectives’ Design.

  • As we all know, sooner or later any strategic choices will require financials, a Profit and Loss account, an estimation of revenues, profitability, cash flows and risks, working capital, etc. – and, eventually, investing money wisely.

  • What are the existing alternatives available? Will our investments be ‘organic’, or M&As-based? How do we implement and with what financial vehicle, if any? Shall we use equity, debt, or both? How are we controlling our cash-flows?

  • And related to all that – are we able to create the right Business Plans? Can we do simulations for unpredictable environments? Have we identified or modified our Performance Indicators in the right way? Are they systemic, being cascaded-down correctly? 

  • Zereon Associates aims to provide effective, actionable answers by preparing solid investment / M&A alternatives’ analysis and, given the case, even participating directly in some of those investments.

  • We create for our Clients the necessary financial estimations / Business Plans for success, and articulate the right set of Performance Indicators / OKRs (financial, commercial, organizational and others) that will allow those Business Plans to come alive.

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